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What is HoduCC and how does it function? HoduCC incorporates a web-phone that utilizes Google's WebRTC technology. It also offers a convenient plugin that allows integration with a client's website for customer chatting. A Predictive Dialer Software is an excellent solution for businesses dealing with large call volumes. It helps

Funnel Phones

What is the purpose of Funnel Phones and how does it operate? Funnel Phones function by monitoring calls, text messages, and web forms in order to identify the most effective ads, keywords, and marketing campaigns. These tracking numbers are virtual phone numbers that are linked to your online or offline

Freshdesk Contact Center

What is the functionality of Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller) and how does it operate? Freshdesk Contact Center is a cloud-based call center solution that is particularly suitable for customer support and sales teams. It is a user-friendly software that can be easily set up with an internet connection and


Exotel is a Cloud communication solution that provides efficient APIs for voice, messaging, and other forms of communication. It allows users to establish secure connections with customers through SMS and voice without the need to spend time on infrastructure or coding. By setting up Exotel's cloud telephony solution, users can


What is eVoice and how does it function? eVoice is a telecommunications service that offers toll-free local numbers and options for text and video calling. It allows organizations to redirect and route calls to specific individuals or departments for convenience. The service includes various features that facilitate efficient business management.


What is Dialer360 and how does it function? Dialer360 is a top-notch call center software that enhances the performance of your agents in order to provide improved customer support. It incorporates a predictive dialer feature that automates the transfer of calls between agents. This software is compliant with PCI standards,


Can you explain what Dial800 is and how it operates? They specialize in analytics-driven communications and provide businesses with services such as real-time data, analytics, and monitoring for phone calls and text messages, as well as innovative cloud-based VoIP phone systems.


What is Dextr.Cloud and how does it function? Dextr.Cloud is a platform designed for managing customer experiences. It allows users to engage with customers during the purchasing process and assist with inquiries. The software utilizes the latest serverless technology from AWS to provide a secure, flexible, and highly accessible platform.


What is Dexem and what is its function? Dexem is a Call Tracking solution that allows you to track phone call conversions from your marketing campaigns. It also enables you to analyze the visitors' journey before they make a call, including the AdWords keywords they used. Additionally, you can integrate


What is Daktela and how does it work? Daktela is a company that aims to assist customers in dealing with the complexities of customer communication. Their all-in-one app simplifies and streamlines customer conversations, regardless of team size or the channels used. They offer cloud telephony and advanced omnichannel solutions that


What is contactSPACE and how does it work? contactSPACE is a contact centre software that offers automation and efficiency. It has numerous innovative features that allow you to personalize and stay on message during each call. You can also schedule the most appropriate contact at the right time for optimal


Can you explain what ContactLogix is and how it operates? ContactLogix is a solution created specifically for automobile dealers by professionals with extensive experience in the Retail Automobile Industry. It aims to streamline processes and reduce costs. ContactLogix works in collaboration with, a reputable provider of a comprehensive communication

Connect First

What is Connect First and how does it work? Connect First is a cloud-based call center management solution that can be accessed through a web browser. It allows users to handle all inbound and outbound call center activities. Connect First provides agents with relevant scripts and caller information to efficiently


What is CloudTalk and how does it function? CloudTalk is a virtual phone system designed for remote sales and customer service teams. It enables businesses to maintain a local presence using an international phone number and operate their virtual call center from any location. The system is flexible and can


CircleLoop is a business phone system that operates in the cloud and integrates with Pipedrive. It helps users save time and streamline communication with its modern features. This tool allows users to make and receive calls from anywhere on any device. It also keeps a record of call histories and

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