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What is Lomio and how does it function? Lomio provides all the necessary tools to effectively conduct A/B Tests, which have been proven to enhance revenue. It allows for the easy enhancement of customers' shopping experience, as well as the optimization of return on ad spend and reduction of acquisition


What is Increab and what is its functionality? It helps increase web conversions by conducting A/B tests in a simple manner. Users can create and execute experiments on their webpage, compare different versions, identify successful approaches, and boost conversions.

GovDelivery Communications Cloud

Can you explain what GovDelivery Communications Cloud is and how it functions? It is a tool that allows you to effectively communicate with citizens who are interested in your services and motivate them to take action. To find out more, you can watch the video. Unlike other choices, Granicus offers

Google Optimize

What is the functionality of Google Optimize and how does it operate? Google Optimize is a widely used A/B Testing tool that allows users to track and compare website traffic and campaign conversion rates. This tool is free to use. Google Optimize utilizes various techniques, such as Funnel visualization, referrer


Can you explain what FunnelEnvy is and its functionality? FunnelEnvy utilizes AI technology to enable users to expand personalized experiences, enhance revenue, and eliminate tedious data tasks. The ultimate objective is to deliver the most suitable experience to the appropriate customer at the optimal moment to maximize revenue. Various tools


Can you explain Figpii and its functionality? Figpii is a user-friendly tool that provides all the necessary features for achieving quick conversion rate improvements. It allows you to gather visitor data, identify areas for optimization, conduct tests, and directly engage with visitors. With Figpii, you have access to a comprehensive

Exit Monitor

What is the function of Exit Monitor and how does it operate? Exit Monitor is a Software as a Service created to assist businesses of all sizes in converting website visitors who are about to leave into specific leads. This technology monitors the movement of the mouse, its speed, and


What is Evolv and how does it function? Evolv AI Experience Optimization Solution operates on a SaaS Platform and offers seamless integration into existing environments. It utilizes a proven methodology to ensure fast results across all digital channels. By continuously adapting to user behavior, the platform automatically discovers, personalizes, and

ES Optimize

What is the function of ES Optimize and how does it operate? It is designed to be deployed across all channels quickly and effectively. It interacts with consumers in real-time, providing personalized and rewarding options that facilitate the development of brand loyalty. It ensures that the appropriate offers are presented

Dual Kind

What is the purpose and functionality of Dual Kind software? Dual Kind software is a platform designed to enhance projects and applications by allowing users to test different variations of functionality. By analyzing statistical data, users can determine which variations yield higher conversion rates in their experiments. Additionally, the software


Can you explain what CROmetrics is and how it operates? CROmetrics is a company that assists businesses in achieving growth through strategic experimentation backed by data. We collaborate with your team to transform A/B testing and personalization into a valuable asset for gaining a competitive edge. With our expertise in


What is Convertize and how does it function? Convertize provides software that simplifies A/B testing and Nudge Marketing, allowing users to implement them without coding or statistical knowledge. A/B testing involves comparing two versions of a webpage or UI using a scientific method. Convertize offers a visual editor, split URL

Convert Experiences

What is Convert Experiences and how does it work? Convert Experiences is a trusted A/B testing and personalization tool used by over 5000 top brands such as Sony, Jabra, Conversion Rate Experts, and UNICEF. This platform offers a wide range of features and delivers on its promises. It provides fast


Conductrics is a platform that helps you deliver personalized digital experiences to each customer in real time. With Conductrics V3, you can visually set up and preview different variations of content on your web pages. This is useful for selecting hero images, testing headlines, and more. Conductrics can be easily


What is the functionality of Concurra and how does it operate? Concurra is an advanced interaction tracker for websites that automatically records various actions such as mouse movements, clicks, hovers, text selections, pinch zooms, and more. The data can be viewed collectively on visually appealing heatmaps or explored individually through

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