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IFS Applications ERP

Can you explain what IFS Applications ERP is and how it functions? Unlike other ERP suites, IFS is a unique type of enterprise resource planning software that is not complicated or inflexible. Instead, it is specifically designed to help businesses quickly adapt to emerging technology and the evolving market, allowing


What does IC-KPI stand for and what is its function? IC-KPI, short for Information Connected Fuels Key Performance Indicators, is a highly reputable company specializing in ERP Development. It is a prominent IT consulting firm that focuses on delivering solutions in the field of ERP technology.

GSoft Extreme ERP

What is the functionality of GSoft Extreme ERP and how does it operate? GSoft Extreme ERP is a tailored and user-friendly software designed to accommodate the specific requirements of your business. It provides various features such as Point of Sale, Inventory Management, Chain store Management, Web report, and more. The

Global Shop Solutions

What is Global Shop Solutions ERP and how does it function? Global Shop Solutions ERP is a comprehensive tool designed to assist manufacturing businesses in managing various aspects of their operations, including accounting and inventory. Whether a company is struggling with cost calculations, inventory accuracy, labor cost control, on-time delivery,


What is GlassManager and how does it function? GlassManager was created to address the needs of clients and provide effective solutions for small and mid-sized glass businesses. Its main objective is to offer users the best value by equipping them with all the necessary tools for success at a more

Genius ERP

What is Genius ERP and how does it function? Genius ERP is a comprehensive ERP solution designed specifically for custom manufacturers. It has been developed by industry experts to meet the needs of small and medium-sized manufacturers. It includes different modules for Accounting, Product Engineering, Project Management, Rest API, Sales

Freedom ERP

What is the purpose and functionality of Freedom ERP? Freedom ERP is a software designed for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the manufacturing industry. It helps these businesses operate more efficiently by improving service quality, resource utilization, and business process monitoring. This ultimately leads to increased productivity and return


What is Flaptics and how does it function? Flaptics is a comprehensive business suite powered by artificial intelligence. Its purpose is to enhance team efficiency and productivity by offering a range of essential applications within a unified console. These applications include CRM, live chat, project management, and ticketing, among others.


What is FarmERP and how does it operate? FarmERP is a software for enterprise resource planning that aims to improve the efficiency of digital farming and promote sustainable agriculture. Guided by the Sustainable Development Goals of Zero Hunger and Climate Change, FarmERP strives to lead the industry in food safety


What is Fairwalter and how does it function? With the use of real estate software that has gained the trust of over 1,500 users, Fairwalter enables individuals to engage in digital processes and connect with others involved. This software allows for more time to be dedicated to activities that provide


What is FACT ERP.NG and how does it function? FACT ERP.NG is a comprehensive solution that combines financial management, inventory management, fixed asset management, report writing, and manufacturing capabilities. It caters to enterprises of all sizes, from small to medium to large. With smart tools, users can efficiently handle their


What is ezBiz and how does it work? ezBiz is a chiropractic practice management software solution called EZBIS office. It offers a modular and customizable system that allows practices to tailor it to their specific needs. It includes integrated electronic medical health records, insurance and patient billing, and patient scheduling.

Expand ERP

What is the functionality of Expand ERP and how does it operate? Expand ERP, when utilized on a cloud platform, allows businesses to easily transition from outdated systems and incorporate cutting-edge technology features throughout their departments and processes. By swiftly adopting cloud technology, businesses can enhance efficiency and productivity without


What is the function of ExactllyERP and how does it operate? ExactllyERP is designed to automate, streamline, and simplify various core business needs. This software generates customized reports with multiple dimensions and includes modules that can meet specific business requirements. It operates with a client-server architecture and does not require

eVitalyst ERP

What is the functionality of eVitalyst ERP and how does it operate? eVitalyst, developed by Teksalah, is a software platform designed for managing various business processes. It provides tools for handling accounting data with multiple schemas for business applications. Additionally, it facilitates collaboration within teams for managing multi-level document approvals

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