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Dentrix Ascend

What is Dentrix Ascend and how does it work? Dentrix Ascend is a dental software designed to help dentists manage their practice more efficiently, allowing them to focus more on patient care. The software features an intuitive interface that is easy to learn and work with. It enhances user productivity


What is the function and mechanism of Dentaline? Get the ultimate dental examination experience with this user-friendly and adaptable charting tool. Access the Periodontal sections that specifically interest you. Explore records in an engaging and uncomplicated way.

Curve Hero

What is the functionality of Curve Hero and how does it operate? Curve Hero is a practice management solution that operates on the cloud. It allows doctors and staff to schedule appointments, generate invoices, handle recall management, manage insurance, create charts, and perform other tasks using just a browser and


What is CareStack and what are its functions? CareStack is a comprehensive practice management software that operates through the cloud. It caters to the scheduling, clinical, billing, patient engagement, and reporting requirements of dental offices, regardless of their size. Whether it is a single location or a large multi-site dental


What is BrightPlans and how does it function? BrightPlans is a groundbreaking solution that enables dental professionals to create more impressive and precise treatment plans for their patients. Instead of relying on traditional methods such as charting and 2D dental diagrams, BrightPlans offers the ability to use 3D animation to


Can you explain what axiUm is and how it functions? axiUm is the top dental software solution for academic purposes in North America. It is designed to be flexible and supports the growth of organizations with no restrictions on the number of locations or providers. By incorporating axiUm into a

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