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Huler is an employee experience platform that helps enterprise organizations manage employee interactions with their systems. It provides a user-friendly virtual space where employees can access cloud-based software and content, enabling easy knowledge sharing and collaboration from any location. Huler allows users to bookmark and organize deep links and files

Hubfly Sparrow

What is the purpose and functionality of Hubfly Sparrow? Hubfly Sparrow is designed to enhance employee engagement by acknowledging and aligning with internal communication. It allows for the collection of employee feedback and the dissemination of important information to all staff members. It also facilitates team collaboration on specific content

HR Code

What is the functionality of HR Code and how does it operate? HR Code is a software platform designed to enhance employee engagement through the use of straightforward online tests. These tests can be sent to employees via email, and a CSV database file can be uploaded. Employees are tested

Honestly Employee Engagement

What is the functionality of Honestly Employee Engagement and how does it operate? Honestly software serves as a platform for gathering employee feedback and fostering engagement within a workplace. The software provides pre-designed survey templates that accommodate various question formats, along with advanced branching logic. Additionally, it offers the capability

Hive HR

Can you explain what Hive HR is and how it functions? Hive HR is a user-friendly and flexible tool for managing human resources. It allows you to utilize employee input to make data-driven decisions and manage your company's future. Through a simple platform, you can hear your employees' thoughts, concerns,


What is the function and operation of Hirebook? Hirebook is an employee engagement software that facilitates effective communication among employees and leaders to achieve optimal outcomes in real-time. The software promotes transparency by providing detailed insights across various departments, teams, and individuals. This allows administrators to make informed changes and


What is Hi5 and how does it function? Hi5 is a social networking app that aims to enhance appreciation, culture, and connection within the workforce. It assists team managers in obtaining real-time insights about team culture through a dashboard, while team members can use a fun platform to send personalized


What is HelloTeam and how does it function? HelloTeam is a comprehensive software for employee engagement and talent management. It assists employees in achieving their goals, enhancing their performance, and retaining their skills. It has collaborated with ADP to allow users to log in using their ADP SSO credentials. Through


What is Hazel and how does it function? Hazel is a software designed for teams on Slack that serves as a Team Feedback app. It provides various features such as personalized question responses based on data points, managing conversations in one-on-ones, and facilitating collaboration with teams for improved workflow through


Can you explain what HappyTeam is and how it operates? Team members will be sent an email asking about their emotions, and you have the option to set the frequency of these emails (such as daily, weekly, etc.). You can also customize the branding. There's no need for team members


What is Happierco and how does it function? Happierco is a tool for improving performance management and employee engagement in your organization. It helps you cultivate a positive work culture by allowing you to understand and make necessary adjustments. By setting goals, assigning tasks, implementing effective feedback cycles, promoting team


What is Gratifi and how does it function? Gratifi is a software designed for managing employee rewards and recognition. Its purpose is to help companies acknowledge the contributions of individual employees that have contributed to their success. Additionally, it assists in the distribution of rewards to employees, motivating them to


What is Glint and how does it function? Glint is a platform focused on promoting the success of individuals, built on a strategy that aids users in cultivating and developing their employees, enhancing employee engagement, and ultimately improving long-term business outcomes. Its purpose is to enable users to bring out


What is the purpose of Givenly and how does it operate? simplifies and unifies corporate gifting, incentive, and enterprise merchandise programs by utilizing top-notch technology, an integrated warehousing solution, and a strong network of vendors. Engaging employees, showing appreciation to clients, and making a lasting impression on potential customers

Gallup Access

What is the purpose of Gallup Access and what are its functionalities? Gallup Access is a software platform designed to verify employee surveys regarding company culture and employee engagement. It provides 200 Gallup-validated survey questions that assess organizational performance and offer benchmarks to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses. The

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