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HockeyStack Surveys

Can you explain what HockeyStack Surveys is and how it functions? HockeyStack Surveys is a software platform designed to combine qualitative and quantitative data through the creation of surveys. With this software, users can easily connect their accounts and analyze their surveys in a matter of minutes. It also allows


What is the function of GrowthScore and how does it operate? GrowthScore allows you to identify satisfied customers and encourage them to leave reviews, referrals, and testimonials. It enables you to send personalized NPS surveys that reflect your brand image and gather valuable feedback regularly. You can analyze up-to-date reports,

finfo Engage

What is the function of finfo Engage and how does it operate? finfo Engage offers three powerful features that enhance engagement and feedback. The increasing popularity and necessity of remote working present challenges that can affect employee productivity, collaboration, and overall satisfaction. With finfo Engage, you can effortlessly create and


Can you explain what FeedbackLink is and how it functions? FeedbackLink is a software platform that enables the collection of reviews and customer feedback through the use of a feedback link. It allows for the customization of survey questions, which helps in directing complaints to the appropriate channels. The Net


What is eNPS and how does it function? eNPS is a specialized system for collecting net promoter scores through surveys. It allows you to send these surveys to your employees via text message or email on a monthly or quarterly basis. You have the ability to filter eNPS ratings based


What is the functionality of Emojics? Emojics is a unique tool for customer engagement that enables website owners to gather feedback and leads while analyzing user emotions. It allows you to boost your subscriber count by capturing moments when users appreciate your service. By utilizing reaction buttons, you can engage

What is and how does it function? is a user-friendly platform designed to track Net Promoter Scores for E-shops and SAAS businesses. Over 10,000 brands utilize this platform to monitor segmented customer satisfaction. By using, companies can receive significantly more responses compared to traditional surveys. Traditional surveys


What is ClearlyRated and how does it work? ClearlyRated is a platform that utilizes the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to help B2B service providers improve their online reputation and differentiate themselves. It allows businesses to maximize service quality and highlight the positive feedback from their most loyal customers. Unlike other


What is the purpose of CIOPulse and how does it function? CIOPulse serves as an internal feedback system aimed at CIOs and IT Service Delivery Managers who aim to promote a customer-focused environment. The surveys provided by CIOPulse are visually appealing and compatible with various devices. It allows for the

What is the purpose of and what is its functioning mechanism? The platform provides users with pre-designed templates and metrics for various purposes. Through Textual Analysis, it automatically identifies the most prominent themes in customer feedback, allowing for in-depth analysis of opinions about a company, brand, or product.

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