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What is the functionality of Insights and how does it operate? Insights is a comprehensive platform designed for purpose-driven companies, providing a unified solution. Acting as a performance management software, Insights establishes a clear connection between an organization's strategy and important initiatives, team objectives, employee goals, and cultural values. Created


What is Impraise and how does it function? Impraise is a robust software for performance management that helps businesses enhance employee productivity. It aids managers and the entire workforce in improving performance by maintaining focus on goals, regularly assessing progress, and making necessary adjustments. Employees can request feedback from anyone


What is iCoachFirst and how does it work? iCoachFirst is a leading platform in the life sciences industry that aims to enhance field coaching by making it more accessible, connected, and effective. It combines various field growth tools into one adaptable, mobile application, thereby improving sales training and engagement for


What is the purpose and functionality of Howamigoing? Howamigoing is a performance management system designed to help companies retain valuable managers by offering tools that facilitate more frequent and improved feedback for employees. It provides an easily accessible and visually appealing platform that is user-friendly. The Howamigoing platform utilizes machine


Can you explain what GoalSpan is and its functioning? GoalSpan is a platform that provides various tools to enhance feedback, goal setting, and performance assessment. It assists in the continuous development and alignment of your workforce with a shared vision, mission, and core values. With GoalSpan, you can effortlessly manage

Get Lighthouse

What is Get Lighthouse and how does it function? Get Lighthouse is a platform for managing performance that allows you to centralize your one-on-one conversations and prioritize each one. The platform simplifies the process of investing in your employees and being recognized and promoted as an exceptional manager. Instead of


What is Frankli and how does it work? Frankli is a performance management platform that enables the creation of a high-performance culture through frequent and relevant performance discussions. It promotes employee participation, provides unfiltered feedback, and offers unbiased data and insights for high-performance cultures. With Frankli, real-time multi-source data analytics


What is FlowyTeam and how does it function? FlowyTeam is a performance management software designed for businesses of all sizes. It aids users in maximizing the potential of their teams by utilizing KPIs, OKRs, Projects, and Tasks, resulting in more effective execution of internal strategies. The software enables managers and


What is entomo and how does it work? Entomo is a platform designed to help companies manage their operations and increase revenue growth. It simplifies task creation, assignment, review, and management, fostering collaboration and engagement within teams. Companies receive daily insights on their progress towards achieving goals, and can use


What is the purpose of Engagedly and what are its functions? Engagedly is a software that uses gamification to improve employee performance. It offers features such as Ongoing Check-Ins, Performance Reviews, Employee goal setting, Real-Time Feedback, and 360-degree Feedback. The platform also includes a social module to encourage collaboration among


What is Effy and how does it work? Effy is a tool designed for the modern work environment, offering simplicity and adaptability. It enables employers to gather feedback, identify employee strengths and areas needing improvement, foster team development, and shift management towards coaching. By utilizing multi-source feedback, Effy provides employers


Can you explain what DecisionWise is and how it operates? DecisionWise, LLC. is a management consulting company that focuses on providing assessment feedback and development solutions. One of their main offerings is an advanced online survey software platform that gathers data on organizational and individual performance, potential, and culture. DecisionWise


What is Culturely and how does it function? Culturely is a sophisticated solution for managing performance that assists companies in enhancing their organizational culture and employee performance. This tool enables administrators to align their objectives in order to have a positive impact on team members, ultimately transforming the company into

CRG emPerform

What is the functionality and process of CRG emPerform? CRG emPerform is a unique solution that provides a comprehensive range of tools for developing an effective performance management strategy. It helps to keep employees focused and in line by allowing real-time goal setting and monitoring. Additionally, it enables continuous development

Clear Review

Can you explain what Clear Review is and provide an overview of how it functions? Clear Review has gained recognition as a Continuous Performance Management System. Their expertise and user-friendly performance management software have aided more than 200 organizations in moving away from yearly appraisals. Their approach focuses on regular

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