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What is GiveLab and how does it function? GiveLab is a software that assists brands, content creators, and influencers in creating giveaways for their audience. Users have the ability to create various types of giveaways, whether in collaboration with other brands or not. These giveaways can support unlimited campaigns, entries,


What is Fastory and what are its functions? Fastory is a software platform that enables the creation of contests and promotions using interactive chatbots. It allows users to design brand content for mobile and desktop platforms, specifically for Facebook and Instagram contests, photo contests, and other similar initiatives. The software


What is the purpose of Fanpassly and how does it operate? It offers a centralized platform for all promotional codes and incentivizes followers by boosting sales and facilitating free audience engagement. Key features include the ability to share links anywhere, access to powerful analytics, and the option to create a


What is Evalato and how does it work? Evalato is a tool designed for schools and universities to manage Awards, Grants, and Scholarships, as well as other similar programs. With Evalato, users can easily handle the nominations, competitions, and contests associated with awards. Additionally, the tool allows users to efficiently


What is EasyPromos and how does it function? EasyPromos is a highly regarded content management software that enables users to create limitless sweepstakes and contests across various platforms and websites. By utilizing 21 different applications from EasyPromos, individuals can run random sweepstakes on different social media sites to enhance their


What is Contestish and how does it function? Organizing contests, polls, award events, and pageants can be a challenging endeavor. To streamline the process, there are several steps that can be taken to successfully manage both online and offline events. After determining the type of event, it is necessary to

Contest Rebel

Contest Rebel is a platform that allows companies to easily manage Sweepstakes, Contests, and Promotions without any coding. It is a self-service tool that enables users to create unlimited digital campaigns across various devices. It supports different types of contests such as simple contests, giveaways, surveys, and fantasy games. Contest


What is the functionality of Atipso? Atipso is a software designed to enhance your website, blog, or social media pages with interactive sweepstakes, quiz games, and voting games. With Atipso's drag and drop page builder, you can create your own unique sweepstakes. You can also engage your fans and followers

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