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SkyStem ART

What is the functionality of SkyStem ART and how does it operate? ART is an accounting software that can be accessed through the web or as a SaaS version, eliminating the need for installation. This automated accounting tool offers benefits such as real-time updates, automatic reporting, automated reconciliation, and quick


What is inDinero and how does it function? inDinero is a convenient solution for outsourcing accounting services and CFOs. It caters to businesses of all sizes and offers a comprehensive platform that provides personalized business guidance and high-quality financial technology. The accounting services provided by inDinero can scale with the


What is Imprezz and how does it function? Imprezz is a sophisticated invoicing and billing software developed specifically for Indian businesses. It allows businesses to generate quotes, manage inventory, send invoices, and stay compliant with accounting standards. The software simplifies the process of creating standardized quotes for customers, sharing them

Hotelier Books

What is the purpose and functionality of Hotelier Books? Hotelier Books is a cloud-based hotel accounting software that aims to enhance the owner experience by providing various features. This software enables the integration of hotel property management systems (PMS) to monitor sales, receivables, and statistical data. It also automates payroll


What is HostBooks and how does it function? HostBooks is a comprehensive accounting and GST solution designed for small businesses and professionals. It offers reliable services for GST, e-invoice, e-way bill, income tax, TDS, HB Neo, and CRM. HostBooks simplifies the generation of e-invoices, automates supplier exchange and validation, and


What is Hermition and what is its functioning? It is an all-in-one solution that businesses can utilize for identifying potential customers and achieving financial growth. It introduces a new era of accounting with AI, empowering small business owners throughout their journey. It is the sole solution for smart accounting management.


What is the function and operation of Harpoon? Harpoon is a software designed to track time and billing. It assists businesses and freelancers in setting, monitoring, and achieving their financial goals for the year. The software includes a financial goal tracking system that enhances profitability. It also provides real-time revenue


What is the purpose and functionality of HappyAR? HappyAR is a platform designed to assist companies in expediting invoice payments. It offers a more efficient method for collecting invoices by providing improved visibility for teams, integration with suitable accounting and ERP platforms, and automated workflows. Businesses of all sizes utilize

Handdy Accounts

Can you explain what Handdy Accounts is and how it functions? Handdy Accounts is accounting software designed to help businesses manage their finances. It provides tools for recording expenses and generating income reports to facilitate tax preparation. Additionally, it allows users to easily export their expense data and send it

Halon Tax

What is the functioning of Halon Tax? Halon Tax provides a range of accounting and tax services, encompassing tax returns, reviews of bookkeeping, and more. The aim of these services is to minimize taxes by analyzing both business and personal returns for potential deductions. Users have the opportunity to connect

Global PayEX

What is Global PayEX and how does it function? Global PayEX is an advanced platform powered by AI that focuses on optimizing working capital in B2B accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR). In simple terms, Global PayEX enhances working capital efficiency by utilizing sophisticated AI-driven solutions for monitoring AP


GimBooks is a cloud-based tool that allows users to create professional and stylish Invoices, Purchase Orders, and Quotations, as well as manage inventory, expenses, and ledgers. This tool is designed to help MSMEs efficiently manage their businesses. Users can choose from a selection of industry-specific Invoices that are both aesthetically


What is Gekko and how does it function? Gekko aims to simplify accounting tasks for accountants, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. Users can easily manage their expenses by scanning receipts with the Gekko Costs app. They can also handle invoicing and quotes, design professional invoices with the invoice editor, and track


What is the functionality of FuelGauge and how does it operate? FuelGauge is a software designed to project cash flow, stored in the cloud, that provides convenient access to your historical, current, and future revenues and expenses. It enables you to forecast revenue and plan project capacity on a 24/7


What is the purpose of Freshbooks and how does it operate? Freshbooks is an accounting software designed to offer professional accounting services to small businesses. It is particularly suitable for self-employed individuals, small agencies, firms, and consultancies. The software specializes in managing tasks such as billing, invoicing, and expense tracking.

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