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What is Safepay and how does it work? Safepay is a secure browser designed by Bitdefender to ensure privacy and security during online banking, e-shopping, and other transactions. With the constant threat of hackers seeking personal information, it is important to be cautious when conducting business online. Safepay protects your

India Online Pay

What is India Online Pay and how does it function? India Online Pay is an online payment gateway that ensures secure monetary transactions across various digital platforms. It supports multiple currencies and processes both international and domestic payments through various financial channels, enabling efficient transactions for your customers. It offers

Heartland eCommerce

What is Heartland eCommerce and how does it operate? Heartland eCommerce is a payment gateway software that operates in the cloud. By using Heartland, users can reduce processing fees and increase their profits. This software allows users to accept payments from customers in various locations, including at a physical store,


Can you explain what GitPaid is and provide an overview of how it functions? It can be likened to Siri shortcuts but with more intelligence. Users have the ability to add individuals to their Twitter Circle if they have paid for or subscribed to a membership. This membership also grants


What is G2A PAY and what is its functioning? G2A PAY is an international payment gateway designed for contemporary online merchants, enabling them to accept over 200 global payment methods from customers in more than 170 countries. They offer the necessary tools for businesses of any size to provide a


What is Foloosi and how does it function? Foloosi is a convenient payment application that allows the general public to easily access online merchant services through an integrated app. Users can conveniently recharge their mobile phones, pay utility bills, both national and international services, utilize the scan and pay feature,


Ezidebit is a payment management software that assists businesses in enhancing their cash flow and optimizing financial strategies. It offers a range of expert services that are trusted by renowned international brands such as Kumon, Raine & Horne, and Netball Australia. The software enables businesses to improve cash flow through


What is the functionality of Envoice and how does it operate? Envoice is a software that automates invoicing procedures, streamlining the generation and delivery of invoices to clients for faster payment. It provides a user-friendly Statement of Success that clearly displays earnings and allows for easy tracking of invoice activities,

EMoney Commerce Platform

Can you explain what the EMoney Commerce Platform is and how it operates? Developed and maintained by Elavon, this platform is a fully encrypted solution that supports merchants in various payment scenarios, from face-to-face and back-office transactions to eCommerce and mobile payments. With EMoney, you can engage your customers in


What is EBS and how does it function? EBS, also known as E-Billing solutions, meets the PCI DSS 3.0 standards and holds ISO 27001-2013 certification and audits, ensuring secure online payments worldwide. It employs SSL for complete customer data protection. EBS supports 11 major foreign currencies and popular wallets, such


What is EBizCharge and how does it function? EBizCharge is a top payment processing management platform that integrates eCheck and credit card payments with existing business software. This solution streamlines the payment reconciliation process and allows users to sync payments directly with invoices. Users can send invoices via email and


What is the function and operation of Dwolla? Dwolla serves as a comprehensive platform for account-to-account payments, offering various options such as ACH, real-time payments, push-to-debit, wire transfers, and more through a single API integration. With its reliable service, low transaction costs, and automation capabilities, Dwolla now facilitates the movement


What is DirecPay and how does it function? DirecPay is a payment gateway software that offers various payment methods, affordable plans, and a highly secure platform to ensure safe and convenient monetary transactions. It is known as one of the top payment gateway software options for easy transactions and integrates


What is DepositFix and how does it function? DepositFix is a smart software that acts as a payment gateway, integrating with PayPal and Stripe. Its purpose is to enable the acceptance of payments through HubSpot forms. By seamlessly adding payment fields to your HubSpot forms, DepositFix ensures easy and secure

Deluxe eChecks

What is Deluxe eChecks and how does it work? Deluxe eChecks is a payment exchange platform that offers a convenient way to send payments instantly using only the recipient's email address. It allows you to enhance your customer experience by enabling faster payments through email and providing various deposit options.

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