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Igneous DataProtect

What is the functionality of Igneous DataProtect and how does it operate? Igneous is a scale-out NAS backup and archive solution designed for handling large amounts of data and numerous files, allowing users to meet demanding SLAs. Igneous seamlessly integrates with NetApp, Isilon, Pure Flashblade, and Qumulo through API integration,

IDrive Online

What is IDrive Online and how does it function? IDrive is a software that provides storage and backup services, specifically designed to safeguard user data through regular online backups. It excels in securely storing user data, making it easily accessible whenever needed, and keeping it protected at an off-site location.


What is the functionality of IDERA SQL Safe backup and how does it operate? Database administrators require a strong solution for SQL Server backup and recovery that effectively reduces the time taken for these processes, decreases storage needs, and offers enterprise management capabilities to perform backups on multiple SQL Servers


What is the functionality of IBackup and how does it operate? IBackup offers affordable online data protection for small and medium-sized businesses, providing them with enterprise-level performance for their important data. Users can schedule automatic backups for Linux and Solaris systems, which include encryption, compression, and incremental backup capabilities. Additionally,


What is HubStor and how does it function? HubStor offers a comprehensive solution for archiving and preserving various workloads. It prioritizes agility and control without compromising on effectiveness, making it a top choice among archiving solutions. Users can benefit from robust security measures, affordability, and flexibility when it comes to

Handy Backup

What is Handy Backup and how does it function? Handy Backupâ„¢ is a software that automatically backs up and recovers data for personal computers or business servers. It offers the ability to back up files, folders, databases, websites, cloud accounts, and app data through a user-friendly interface. Users can create


What is GoodSync and how does it function? GoodSync is a reliable software that backs up and synchronizes files, providing improved access and restoration capabilities. It reduces backup time, storage usage, and network consumption by propagating changes within data blocks. The software operates in the background, performing tasks like scheduled,

Fluency Backup

Can you explain what Fluency Backup is and how it functions? Fluency Backup is a cost-effective online backup service that eliminates the need for you to spend excessive time, money, and effort on backing up your data. By utilizing AES 256-bit encryption and providing the option of a personal encryption


What is Fidelius and what is its functioning? Fidelius is a tool that safeguards your documents while ensuring their accessibility during critical times. When you create a new Vault, Fidelius automatically sends emails to the Keyholders and Guardians, notifying them. Additionally, you have the option to inform them separately about


What is ElephantDrive and how does it function? ElephantDrive is a comprehensive backup solution designed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and startups. It offers specialized solutions for Macintosh users, including web access and restoration, cloud backup, file sharing, backup, and compression. The system also includes an "anywhere folder" that


Duplicati is a software that can be accessed through a web interface on any browser, including mobile devices. It can be configured to run on headless machines like a NAS. Duplicati ensures privacy by using strong AES-256 encryption, and you can also use GPG to encrypt your backup. It is

Druva inSync

What is the purpose and functionality of Druva inSync? Druva inSync offers a comprehensive solution for safeguarding and managing enterprise data used by modern mobile workers. It grants IT departments the ability to monitor and manage mobile data without hindering user productivity. It also streamlines the process of responding to


What is Dr.Fone and how does it operate? Dr.Fone is a comprehensive mobile solution designed for both iOS and Android users. It offers a range of useful tools and features that allow for seamless functionality. These tools include phone data recovery, screen unlocking, data transfer, system repair, and much more.

Dell EMC Avamar

What is Dell EMC Avamar and how does it function? Avamar is a backup software created by Dell that safeguards data and can be utilized in both individual systems and businesses. It enables data storage and retrieval through various channels and offers daily backups. This software employs RAID and RAIN


What is DBacked and how does it function? DBacked is a service that specializes in database backup. It allows users to quickly create, encrypt, and store their databases. The service emphasizes security, ensuring that all backup and restoration points are encrypted from end to end. DBacked also offers a convenient

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