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What is the functionality of HelloConsent? HelloConsent is a compact platform that assists companies in achieving GDPR compliance by providing cookie consent solutions. It offers a range of essential features that enable organizations to easily collect, process, and utilize visitor information. HelloConsent automatically scans websites for cookies and adds them

Harvest Cookie Guard

Can you explain what Harvest Cookie Guard is and how it functions? Harvest Cookie Guard is a software platform that enables users to trust their data by providing integrated tag management. It utilizes Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) to safeguard user privacy. The software utilizes cookies for A/B testing and personalization

GDPR Unpack

What is the functionality of GDPR Unpack and how does it operate? GDPR Unpack is a software for achieving GDPR compliance that is based in the cloud. The actions you take regarding your business activities will determine the next steps in your compliance journey. Take stock of all the regular

GDPR Register

What is the function of the GDPR Register and how does it operate? The GDPR Register online tool simplifies compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation for businesses. Article 30 of the GDPR mandates that companies maintain an internal electronic registry that includes details of all personal data processing activities

Faces Consent

What is the purpose and functioning of Faces Consent? Faces Consent is a digital solution that enables practitioners to eliminate paper usage and generate treatment consent forms efficiently. It conveniently stores all client consent forms in a centralized location. Faces Consent is compatible with various devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets,


What is Ethyca and how does it work? Ethyca is an advanced software for data privacy compliance and management. It helps enterprises comply with global CPRA, CCPA, and GDPR policies in real-time. The software includes pre-built adaptors that provide a comprehensive view of data flow within the business. Ethyca handles


What is Eikyo and what is its functionality? Eikyo is a comprehensive solution for cookie consent. It offers user-friendly settings that make it easy to design a customized display for a website. Users have the option to personalize the design using a WYSIWYG editor and/or custom CSS. It takes just


What is ECOMPLY and how does it function? ECOMPLY is a smart and scalable tool for generating documents that are compliant with GDPR regulations. It offers a smart database generator that can replace traditional spreadsheets and differentiate businesses in the market. With its built-in set of tools, ECOMPLY helps users


What is Easycookie and how does it function? Easycookie is a software designed for GDPR Cookie consent that enables users to easily set up their website for GDPR compliance in just a few minutes. By following a few steps, users can fulfill their duty to create awareness and obtain consent

Diffuse Cookie Notice

What is the Diffuse Cookie Notice and how does it function? Ensure your website complies with GDPR regulations by utilizing our cookie notice solution. This cookie script has been designed for seamless integration into any website, with the simplest method being through Google Tag Manager. We provide detailed instructions on


What is Didomi and how does it function? Didomi is a platform designed for privacy and consent management. It provides comprehensive solutions for gathering, storing, and utilizing user preferences and consents in businesses. It ensures compliance with GDPR privacy laws and is user-friendly and easy to manage. It offers a

Delphix for GDPR

What is the purpose of Delphix in relation to GDPR and what is its functionality? Delphix is equipped with predefined discovery templates and algorithms that are specifically optimized for GDPR. The Delphix platform is already set up to recognize data values that fall under the scope of GDPR, but can


What is Defendocs and how does it work? Defendocs is a user-friendly platform that addresses Personal Data processing and DPO needs. It offers comprehensive knowledge of confidentiality, encompassing data protection laws worldwide. Defendocs is a SAaS service that assists startups, SMBs, and DPOs in achieving GDPR compliance. You can create


What is DataGuard and how does it function? Implementing appropriate procedures and protocols can aid in maintaining compliance and demonstrating dedication to safeguarding customer data. This encompasses establishing user-friendly systems that enable customers to access and manage their data, as well as formulating an easily comprehensible privacy policy. It may


What is the purpose of CookieYes and how does it function? CookieYes conducts scans on your website to identify cookies and automatically includes them in your site's cookie list. It also has the ability to block third-party cookie scripts on your website until user consent is obtained. Users have the

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