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Highlight is a software that records sessions and monitors errors. It helps companies create apps without errors. Users can customize the software by choosing their frontend framework and adding three lines of code to make it more adaptable. Highlight allows users to collaborate on issues and quickly find and solve


What is goormIDE and how does it function? goormIDE is a robust cloud-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that enhances developer and team efficiency. At goormIDE, developers can easily and swiftly utilize various GPU resources, such as NVIDIA, Tesla K80, and v100. Additionally, users have the flexibility to employ CPU/GPU as


What is GitLive and what are its functions? GitLive is a software platform that facilitates the connection of branches and files. It provides tools to link the issue tracker, allowing users to share and discuss issues related to their current branch. Additionally, it enables users to view changes and receive


What is Ghostwriter and how does it work? Ghostwriter is a suite of artificial intelligence features offered by Replit that aims to enhance the development experience on the platform. It consists of four distinct features: Complete Code, Generate Code, Transform Code, and Explain Code. The flagship feature, Complete Code, assists


What is Fathym and how does it function? Fathym is a cloud-native platform that manages infrastructure and orchestrates applications, allowing developers to focus on designing apps and creating value. By automating tasks and adopting new app-building strategies, such as Jamstack, micro frontends, and containerisation, Fathym significantly reduces the time and

Eclipse Che

What is the functionality of Eclipse Che and how does it operate? Eclipse Che is a software that combines a Cloud Integrated development environment with a developer workspace server for teams and organizations. It allows users to easily create workspaces, run them using Kubernetes, OpenShift or Docker, and integrate version


What is DevKit and how does it function? DevKit is a comprehensive toolkit for developers that streamlines their everyday tasks. It eliminates the need to switch between multiple desktop apps, online websites, and CLI tools, enabling faster completion of tasks. It is widely used by over 350 developers from top


What is Deepnote and how does it function? Deepnote is a collaborative virtual notebook that enables data scientists to collaborate and deploy data quickly within a team. It is a browser-based service that can be utilized on various platforms, such as Windows, Mac, Chromebook, or Linux, without the need for


What is Cube.js and how does it function? Cube.js is an open-source framework used for building web applications, specifically business analytics tools and customer-focused analytics. It operates on serverless query engines, offering features such as querying, caching, API management, and UI interface construction. Cube.js incorporates a modular frontend SDK and


What is the concept of Codigo and how does it function? Users can start coding without the hassle of installing editors, modules, or other components. Codigo offers a programming language and environment that operates entirely within the browser.


What is the functionality of CodeTogether and how does it operate? By incorporating CodeTogether software into your IDE, you can participate in a live coding session. This software offers cross-IDE support for VS Code, IntelliJ, and Eclipse, allowing individuals to use their preferred IDE or even join from a web


Can you explain what CodeSync is and provide an overview of how it functions? CodeSync offers various features such as Crafting Your Code, Dry Run, Talk To Friends, Chat With Friend, and keeping notes of code, among others. It provides flexible and draggable code editors with multiple themes and Auto


What is CodeSandbox and how does it function? CodeSandbox is an online tool for web development that enables users to create, share, and receive feedback through collaborative sandboxes, facilitating fast web development. It simplifies code collaboration by providing a single link to execute a sandbox and continue the development process.


What is Coder and how does it function? Coder simplifies the process of creating and managing developer workspaces by transferring them to the cloud. Coder generates development environments for users based on pre-configured images. The platform also offers in-browser IDE support to consolidate development actions, while ensuring data security in


What is CodePen and how does it function? CodePen is an online platform that allows front-end developers and designers to generate and edit code. It offers features such as building test cases, debugging, learning, deploying websites, and showcasing work. The platform provides a comprehensive editor tool that allows users to

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