What is Coder and how does it function? Coder simplifies the process of creating and managing developer workspaces by transferring them to the cloud. Coder generates development environments for users based on pre-configured images. The platform also offers in-browser IDE support to consolidate development actions, while ensuring data security in the cluster or authorized repositories. By leveraging the cloud’s power, speed, and scalability, Coder allows developers to optimize their workflow. It provides numerous features, including quick and seamless workspace setup and updates, the ability to create conformant and consistent workspaces using source-controlled Docker files and templates, and access to high-performance processors, RAM, SSDs, and GPUs. Notably, Coder prioritizes the security of workspaces, allowing companies to keep their proprietary code and data within their protected network and maintain fine-grained control over their content and usage. Additionally, developers can securely and efficiently code from anywhere and on any device, using tools like local VS Code and JetBrains IDEs connected to the workspace through SSH.

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