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What is Hubb and how does it work? Hubb is a virtual conference and event management software that enables brands to create impressive and immersive experiences. This highly regarded software is known for its versatility, accommodating virtual, in-person, and hybrid events. Trusted by leading organizers worldwide, Hubb provides attendees with


What is the purpose of Happenee and how does it function? Happenee is a software platform designed to efficiently handle events. It provides various tools to easily create customized content, including images and text. Users can collaborate with vendors or departments using features such as event calendars, notes, and task


What is the function of Guestboard and how does it operate? Guestboard serves as a flexible event platform and communication tool designed for groups. It enables users to establish a sequential chat that includes essential links and files. Additionally, it facilitates the management of invitations and the assignment of administrator


What is the functionality of Groupize and how does it operate? Groupize is a software platform that enables users to efficiently handle expenses and events within a short span of time. The software provides various tools for generating and sharing registration forms that are optimized for mobile devices. It also

Grenadine Event Planner

What is Grenadine Event Planner and how does it function? Grenadine Event Planner is a software designed for event management that aids organizers in seamlessly planning and overseeing various types of events such as conventions, symposiums, and conferences. This software provides a range of user-friendly tools that enable users to


What is the concept behind GOTHR and how does it operate? It allows for seamless communication between all participants, enabling video calls and live chat with just one click. Additionally, it provides stages for presentations where attendees can leave comments, ask questions, and download materials, all under the moderation of

Glue Up

What is the functionality and operation of Glue Up? For charitable organizations, Glue Up (formerly known as EventBank) is a cloud-based software that manages engagement. Glue Up combines event management, membership administration, customer relationship management (CRM), email marketing, payment processing, and dedicated mobile apps into one integrated platform. With Glue


What is the functionality of GEVME and how does it operate? GEVME is a software solution designed to streamline the processes of online events quickly. By utilizing a user-friendly visual interface, the software enables the customization of brand events. It also facilitates collaboration with teams and provides real-time data to

Fonteva Events

What is Fonteva Events and how does it function? Fonteva Events is an advanced software designed for event management. It enables event organizers to plan and oversee comprehensive events in real-time. The software is versatile and can be used for various types of events, including virtual, hybrid, in-person, free, and

Flock Eventing Platform

Can you explain what the Flock Eventing Platform is and how it functions? The Flock Eventing Platform is a software that enables users to quickly organize events. It provides features to personalize landing pages and handle attendee data for these events. Additionally, it allows for customer engagement through Live Polling


What is FestivalPro and how does it function? FestivalPro is a sophisticated software for managing events that helps event organizers effectively plan and coordinate various types of festivals, such as those centered around music, food, beer, literature, and multiple locations. It also provides organizations with tools for managing contracts, guest


ExpoPlatform is an online platform that acts as both a community and event management tool. It allows organizers to host various types of events, such as live, virtual, and hybrid, in order to grow their online communities. The platform offers advanced engagement tools for sessions, meetings, and networking profiles, ensuring

Expo Pass

What is Expo Pass and how does it operate? Event speakers possess the special capability to motivate attendees and convert events into an exceptionally memorable occasion. Hence, it is a significant responsibility. As we gradually return to organizing in-person events, there is a lot for all of us to catch

Explara Event Management

What is the purpose and functionality of Explara Event Management? Explara Event Management is a software platform that helps engage attendees and enhance return on investment. It provides various tools for customizing the design to align with your brand, collecting real-time data to support marketing campaigns, and analyzing performance through


What is Evvnt and how does it work? Evvnt is a powerful platform for scheduling and managing events. It helps organizers promote and discover events by connecting them with local news media sites. By submitting events to Evvnt, they are distributed to major event listing sites and calendars, reaching a

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