At, we diligently strive to gain your trust. Outlined below are the core principles that guide our operations, ensuring that stands as your most cherished and reliable resource for discovering and choosing business software, services, and hardware. We may occasionally update these Community Guidelines on our website. Your engagement with the Community and website is governed by these guidelines. It’s imperative that you review and adhere to these Community Guidelines.

We strive to keep our ratings authentic.

A LinkedIn account or a verified business email is mandated to authenticate an reviewer’s identity and present employment status. Additionally, we corroborate reviewers by collaborating with sellers and organizations, facilitating secure user authentication through designated platforms. We prohibit users from posting reviews about their current or former employers, or competitors.

No pay-to-play. Sellers cannot influence ratings, placement, sort order, etc.

Review moderation.

After our automatic filtering process removes reviews that do not meet our minimum submission requirements, our team manually checks each review. All reviews must pass our moderation process before they are published.


At, we have always believed in bringing greater trust and transparency to the reviews ecosystem, and encourage all sellers and reviewers to read the Federal Trade Commission’s expanded guidelines and reference them regularly when using including but not limited to the following:

Our algorithms.

The satisfaction ratings, market presence scores, and index scores on are dynamically computed using algorithms in real time, stemming from reviews collected from our user community, along with data amassed from publicly accessible online sources and social networks. ratings exclusively incorporate data from verified reviewers and public sources. We maintain a uniform algorithm across all categories.

Business partners.

Users with a business affiliation to a seller, like resellers, are welcomed to share their insights through reviews on, as their perspective can be valuable. However, due to the potential bias inherent in such relationships, the reviews from business partners do not contribute to the score and are marked with a “Business Partner” label on the review.

Objective data. does not add any subjective input to ratings, Grid® placement, or review summaries. We do not, under any circumstances, edit the content of any review.

Rejected reviews.

We hold the discretion to eliminate reviews failing to adhere to our baseline quality standards. This includes, among other things, reviews copied from other sources, responses that deviate from the questions posed, defamatory remarks, indications of trial or non-professional usage, or content generated by AI language models in any form. Additionally, we reserve the right to remove any reviews, comments, or other contributions made by a user, in instances where the user’s or LinkedIn™ profile lacks crucial identifying information.

Editing reviews.

Users can always edit their review to reflect changing opinions or to ensure that the review meets our quality standards. Edited reviews go back through our moderation process once changes are submitted.

Incentives. will occasionally offer incentives for honest reviews to help us gather a full and accurate data set. These incentives are offered as thank-yous for approved reviews; eligibility to receive an incentive is never based on the opinions, positive or negative, of the review.

Buyer Alerts.

If we discover attempts by sellers to manipulate their reviews, we may issue alerts to warn users about this behavior. Actions that trigger these alerts include, but are not limited to, soliciting only positive reviews, discouraging negative reviews, threatening users to remove negative reviews, and writing fake reviews from a shared IP address.

We protect our users’ privacy.

Account privacy.

We do not share your data with outside sources for any reason without your express permission. While we do ask contributing users to sign in via their LinkedInTM profiles, a verified business email, or other select platforms, this information is used strictly to validate reviewer identity and user authenticity.

LinkedIn connections.

If you grant access to your LinkedInTM connections, we do not access your connections’ contact information. By granting access to your LinkedInTM connections, you are able to see reviews written by your first-degree connections; this empowers you to then reach out to your connections for more information on the technology they use.

Social sharing.

We will not post to any social network on your behalf for any reason.

Unattributed reviews.

We understand that business relationships between customers and sellers may require discretion. gives users the option to have any of their reviews posted without identifying information (their name, photo, company) accompanying the review. The team still validates these reviews using the information provided by the user, but an “unattributed” review will display only the user’s current job category and industry. will not share the user’s information with the public or the company whose software, service, or hardware the user reviewed.

Tips for leaving reviews.

Review for the reader.

Your review could help someone choose a new software, service, or hardware. In your review, include details you would be looking for if you were in need of the same type of solution. The more informative the review, the more attention it attracts and the more credible you appear. Your unique insights will be more helpful than the opinions of an analyst or consultant because you have firsthand experience in a business environment.

Aim for balance.

Even if you love what you’re reviewing, it’s probably not perfect. Your review can include glowing recommendations and commentary on favorite aspects, but be sure to mention anything that could use improvement. People are likely to place less trust in overwhelmingly positive (or overwhelmingly negative) reviews because they do not present a balanced and realistic account of the user experience.

Be real.

Along with being balanced, it’s also best to accurately present yourself and your level of experience with the software, service, or hardware. Reviews that speak to specific situations and use cases are much more relevant and valuable than those that do not.

Stay current.

If you haven’t used a software, service, or hardware in more than two years, we request that you refrain from submitting a review of it. B2B technology can change drastically in a relatively short amount of time.

Tips for participating in the community.

We work to keep our conversations useful, transparent, and safe for the whole community. Violating these guidelines may result in the removal of content or a user being permanently banned from contributing to the community.

Tips for sellers.

At, we aim to enable customers to collect authentic reviews. Reviews are an important part of the buying process, and we understand the value they provide to both our customers and buyers. To ensure the value is retained, it’s important to ensure that reviews are authentic. aims to provide collection tools and a moderation process that prevents inauthentic reviews, but customers also should be mindful to collect reviews in a responsible and ethical manner.

A landing page is a unique web page created to lead an individual to submit a review for a specific product on

Below we will outline best practices for sharing landing pages for review collection campaigns in ways that help protect inauthentic and fraudulent reviews. These best practices will help ensure that reviews are collected in a way that is fair, ethical, and secure.

Best Practices:

It’s important to emphasize that sharing landing pages publicly can lead to them becoming compromised. Compromised in this sense means they become targets of users or groups looking to exploit them for gift cards that are offered. They can trigger non-customers leaving reviews with malicious intent, which can harm your reputation. Therefore, it’s crucial to only share the landing pages in secure and closed environments where only customers can have access. Additionally, violating these best practices can lead to disabling of the landing page by’s moderation team.

Prohibited Activities

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Additionally, you agree not to:

Use of’s Content


If you have earned an Badge, you may republish the badge, provided that all such digital republicationa backlink to the page for your applicable product or service. However, you may not alter,, or otherwise modify the badge in any manner. For example, you may not alter the colors of the badge to match its brand guidelines.

Star Rating:

You may republish and share the aggregated Star Rating of your applicable product(s) and/or service(s) on the Site, provided you provide a backlink to the applicable profile page on and attribute the Star Rating to as follows: “Source:, Inc.”