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What is Hasty and how does it function? Hasty is a proactive tool for labeling that is designed to accelerate the process of object recognition and instance segmentation labeling. It caters to all your visual AI needs within a single application, allowing you to go from raw videos or photos


What is FaceX and how does it function? FaceX is a fully operational attendance software that utilizes face recognition technology specifically designed for startups and small businesses. It offers comprehensive services for web app development. This online attendance system includes features such as fast face processing, live face detection, compact


What is Clarifai and how does it work? Clarifai is an image recognition software that uses artificial intelligence to transform and organize unstructured data such as video, text, and images. It provides a user-friendly platform for creating and editing custom AI models, making it easier for businesses to develop their

Azure Video Indexer

What is the purpose of Azure Video Indexer and how does it function? Azure Video Indexer is a comprehensive service that offers video analytics to companies and developers, allowing them to gain insights from both live streaming and stored videos. This service enables users to capture and organize analytics, providing

Azure Face API

What is Azure Face API and how does it function? Azure Face API is an AI service that allows you to analyze faces in images to identify them without any prior knowledge of machine learning. This service combines facial recognition, face detection, identification, and analysis in pictures and videos, integrating

Azure Custom Vision

What is the Azure Custom Vision Service and how does it function? The Azure Custom Vision Service is an intelligent image recognition platform that allows users to develop, deploy, and update their own models for identifying images. Unlike computer vision, it offers custom vision capabilities, enabling users to create their

Azure Content Moderator

What is Azure Content Moderator and how does it function? Azure Content Moderator is an intelligent platform for moderating content that effectively automates the moderation of text, images, and videos. By simply clicking a few buttons, it can detect potentially unpleasant and undesirable images, filter out profane and unwanted language,


What is the function of Anyline and how does it operate? Anyline improves the efficiency and accuracy of mobile data capture, thereby enhancing workflows and business processes. It enables users, customers, and the workforce to securely digitize data using any mobile device. Integrating the Anyline SDK for mobile scanning into

Amazon Rekognition

What is Amazon Rekognition and how does it function? Amazon Rekognition is a software as a service platform that utilizes cloud-based image recognition technology. It simplifies the integration of picture and video analysis into applications, using highly scalable deep learning technology that does not require expertise in machine learning. Amazon

Alibaba Image Search

What is the functionality and process of Alibaba Image Search? Alibaba Cloud Image Search is a smart service that assists users in locating similar or identical images. It utilizes machine learning and deep learning to allow users to perform searches by taking a screenshot or uploading an image, enabling them

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