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What is Azure Content Moderator and how does it function? Azure Content Moderator is an intelligent platform for moderating content that effectively automates the moderation of text, images, and videos. By simply clicking a few buttons, it can detect potentially unpleasant and undesirable images, filter out profane and unwanted language, moderate adult and suggestive material in videos, and utilize an integrated review tool for optimal results. With Azure Content Moderator, you gain access to machine learning-powered classifiers, lists of information, and optical character recognition (OCR) that aid in the identification of potentially inappropriate or unwanted images. You can utilize content filtering to identify potential profanity in over 100 languages, flag content that may be inappropriate based on context (currently in public preview), and compare text against your own lists. Furthermore, the Content Moderator assists in verifying personally identifiable information (PII). This tool also enables users to identify potential pornographic and suggestive content in videos. By leveraging the power of both users and this software, the Human Review tool ensures the best content moderation outcomes for your business. To get started, users can create a free account.

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