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What is the Azure Custom Vision Service and how does it function? The Azure Custom Vision Service is an intelligent image recognition platform that allows users to develop, deploy, and update their own models for identifying images. Unlike computer vision, it offers custom vision capabilities, enabling users to create their own labels and train custom models to recognize them. The service labels images based on their visual features, indicating classes or objects. With the user-friendly interface provided by Azure, creating an image identification model is quick and easy. The Custom Vision service can be run in the cloud or on edge containers. It facilitates automatic image tagging and custom classification, streamlining the image recognition process. Users can easily identify objects, people, text, settings, actions, and detect any inappropriate content in photos and videos. Additionally, it ensures enterprise-grade security and privacy for data and trained models. The service offers a free plan with 2 transactions per second (TPS), and a standard plan starting from $2 with 10 TPS. For more information, users can directly contact the sales specialist.

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Freemium , Subscription

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