What is Fairwalter and how does it function? With the use of real estate software that has gained the trust of over 1,500 users, Fairwalter enables individuals to engage in digital processes and connect with others involved. This software allows for more time to be dedicated to activities that provide value, enhances team productivity, facilitates better decision-making, and leaves a lasting impression on customers and employees. Fairwalter also simplifies collaboration with landlords, tenants, and service providers, and offers the convenience of integrating with popular tools through interfaces.

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Warehouse Management, Project Management, Supply Chain Management, Stock Management, HR Management, Financial Management, Asset Management, CRM, Dashboard, Purchasing

Technical Details

  • SupportOnline
  • Customer TypeLarge Enterprises Medium Business Small Business
  • Location / Phone NumberZurich
  • Switzerland
  • DeploymentSaaS/Web/Cloud
  • Official Website https://www.fairwalter.com
  • CategoryERP Software


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David is a well-known advocate for the implementation of cloud-based solutions and automation tools for small businesses. He strongly believes that this technology solutions for small businesses and startups are the thing that provide true edge on the market. He writes primarily about project management and sales software.