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What is Indicative and how does it function? Indicative is a user-friendly platform for marketers, product managers, and data analysts that connects directly to a company's data warehouse. By connecting all data points, Indicative eliminates data duplication, mismatched event counts, and data errors. It enables companies to gain a better


What is Hitsteps and how does it work? Hitsteps is a comprehensive tool designed to enhance website performance for businesses. It consolidates various useful features like Web Analytics, Live Chat, Page Analysis, and Uptime Monitor into one convenient toolbox. Hitsteps Analytics serves as a robust real-time visitor management service that


What is Heyflow and how does it function? Heyflow is an intelligent platform that enables users to observe how visitors interact with their website. This is achieved through session recordings and instant playbacks that are truly impressive. Designed for marketers, product managers, developers, and UX designers, it simplifies the identification

Google Analytics

What is the function of Google Analytics and how does it operate? Google Analytics is a widely utilized tool for monitoring and comparing website traffic and campaign conversion rates. It is available at no cost and employs various techniques such as Funnel visualization, referrer tracking, and geographical analysis to identify


What is GoAnalyze and how does it function? GoAnalyze is a software for website analytics that provides valuable insights into a website and assists businesses in developing plans and growth strategies. GoAnalyze presents data on current website traffic and its changes over a month. Users have the ability to view


Glasslytics is a GDPR-compliant analytics solution that respects user data privacy and security. It allows you to monitor user behavior on your website or app within a specific time frame. Key metrics that can be tracked include website views, average view time, device used, language, and browsing country. Additionally, you


Can you explain what GingerTag is and how it operates? GingerTag is a No-Code Analytics tool designed for websites and web-apps. It provides features to track campaign traffic and attach custom data to events using our JS snippet. You can analyze metrics and visualizations, apply filters based on custom event


What is the function of Ghostboard and how does it operate? Ghostboard is a tool for Web Analytics that enhances the success of your Ghost blog. It allows you to monitor the performance and trends of views and posts, determine the optimal timing for publishing, keep track of views and

Geekflare API

What does Geekflare API do and how does it function? With Geekflare APIs, you can perform tasks such as capturing screenshots, testing load times, checking DNS records, pinging IPs, and auditing security for your website, among other functionalities. These APIs are designed to be production-ready, fast, scalable, and reliable for


What is Funnelbranch and how does it operate? Since reading "The Lean Startup" by Eric Ries, I have been searching for a user-friendly funnel analytics platform that is affordable for hobbyists yet robust for professionals. Unhappy with options like Google Analytics, I took it upon myself to develop Funnelbranch. While


Finteza is a comprehensive analytics tool that allows businesses to track and analyze various aspects of their online presence. This includes monitoring traffic, conversion rates, sales funnels, landing pages, and advertising campaigns. One of its key features is an advertising engine that enables users to sell ad spaces, manage banner

Fathom Analytics

What is Fathom Analytics and how does it work? Fathom Analytics is a website solution that provides statistics without tracking or storing users' personal data. It offers privacy compliant and GDPR features, making it beneficial for SEO purposes. Fathom Analytics is suitable for accountants, franchise groups, small business owners, and


Falcon is a tool for monitoring website performance, ensuring accurate metrics and visitor counts. It allows you to audit your website to avoid overcounting or undercounting visitors and track important metrics using tags. Falcon also monitors webpage performance, identifying any slow-running pages that may be driving away visitors. Its web

Digital Crumbs

Can you explain what Digital Crumbs is and how it functions? Digital Crumbs is a software platform designed to capture and analyze valuable website visitors. It allows you to identify and engage with visitors, track their clicks and interactions on your site, and offers a robust search feature to find


What is the purpose of CustomerEngagePro and how does it operate? Customer Engage Pro is designed to help you gather valuable insights to improve decision-making. Its detailed insights feature allows for a comprehensive understanding of your website visitors. Additionally, it includes a goal follow-up tool for defining and monitoring business

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