What is Indicative and how does it function? Indicative is a user-friendly platform for marketers, product managers, and data analysts that connects directly to a company’s data warehouse. By connecting all data points, Indicative eliminates data duplication, mismatched event counts, and data errors. It enables companies to gain a better understanding of their customers, optimize customer acquisition, visualize customer journeys, and enhance customer retention without requiring extensive knowledge of SQL. Indicative also assists in optimizing products by guiding the product roadmap, identifying areas of friction, and measuring feature adoption as needed. The platform’s multipath funnel facilitates seamless visualization and optimization of products. The analysis of customer journeys requires careful attention, and Indicative provides a color-coded graph that effectively showcases these journeys. This makes it easier to identify the steps customers take from showing interest in a product to becoming a customer. Segmentation allows companies to separate notable customers, address their inquiries, and act on valuable suggestions. Additionally, cohort analysis helps build behavioral cohorts that highlight products and campaigns with the highest retention potential.

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Free Trial , Freemium , Subscription , Quotation Based

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Alert Notifications, Time on site Tracking, User Interaction Tracking, Conversion Tracking, Campaign Management, Event Tracking, Heatmaps, Report Generation, Event Tracking, A/B Testing

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