What is and how does it function? is an inclusive marketing platform that assists marketers in sending data-driven emails, SMS, and push notifications. Through the platform’s RESTful API, marketers can easily manage customer data by creating, updating, and deleting customers from their database. It also allows users to integrate third-party platforms like Segment, Hull, mParticle, RudderStack, and more. With, businesses can effectively segment their audience and target specific groups according to their marketing strategies. Additionally, users can monitor individual customers’ event logs, attribution data, received messages, and more, apart from analyzing group data. The platform’s transactional API feature enables marketers to personalize transactional messages. enables the sending of multichannel newsletters based on customers’ timezones. The platform also provides a centralized dashboard for monitoring message performance, conducting A/B tests, delivering metrics, managing segment memberships, and comparing campaigns and newsletters through detailed analytical reports. Pricing Model

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Website Visitor Tracking, Lead Nurturing, Lead Management, Landing Pages, Email Drip Campaigns, Channel Management, Campaign Segmentation, Analytics (ROI Tracking), Multivariate Testing, Lead Scoring

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