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What is the functionality of Teledentix and how does it operate? Teledentix offers a comprehensive solution for managing your teledentistry program, beyond just video consultations. It is user-friendly and highly favored by both providers and patients. With Teledentix, orthodontic practices can utilize features such as remote patient monitoring, virtual consultations,


What is the purpose of iCliniq and how does it operate? iCliniq is an online platform that provides medical second opinions from expert doctors. It allows patients or users to seek advice from highly qualified doctors and specialists. By offering this service, iCliniq aims to help individuals clarify any doubts


What is HIPAA Video and how does it function? HIPAA Video is a telemedicine software that enables secure video sessions to be conducted easily between healthcare providers and patients. It does not require any downloads, only a browser and a webcam. With its user-friendly interface, you can connect with your


What is Healimpilo and how does it function? Healimpilo is a comprehensive solution for managing health service practices, allowing healthcare professionals to handle all aspects of their practice from one platform. It offers various tools for easy practice management, including electronic charting for digital records, scheduling patient appointments with notifications,


What is Heal and how does it work? Heal believes in improving health outcomes by providing in-home primary care to seniors on Medicare and select Medicare Advantage plans. Our service model allows doctors and nurse practitioners to spend more time with patients, ensuring care is not rushed and a strong

Global MD Plus

What is the functionality of Global MD Plus? In order to enhance our healthcare services, we have incorporated features tailored to more than 20 medical specialties. Each specialty includes specific medical forms and shortcuts for charting. Our goal is to revolutionize the patient experience by simplifying and expediting consultations. With


What is eVisit and how does it function? eVisit is a platform for virtual healthcare providers that equips you with the necessary tools to deliver virtual treatment to your patients using your existing telehealth network. It allows you to manage every aspect of the patient visit, from scheduling and intake


What is Easy EMDR and how does it work? Easy EMDR is a comprehensive software designed specifically for trauma specialists. It offers various services including integrated video analytics, modem BLS, and remote practice capabilities. The software's customizable bilateral stimulus technology allows users to cater to their clients' specific needs efficiently.


What is the functionality of DrCare247? DrCare247 is a telemedicine software designed specifically for medical practices and agencies. It includes features such as scheduling tools for patient appointment requests, reminder emails for doctors and patients, medication management based on the reason for visit, lab result downloads, and chat communication between

What is the purpose and functioning of is a comprehensive Telemedicine Software that caters to Enterprises and SMEs. In order to prioritize accessibility, has ensured that the platform is straightforward and user-friendly for both clinicians and patients. They firmly believe that cost should not hinder the use

Doximity Dialer Video

What is the purpose and functionality of Doximity Dialer Video? Doximity Dialer Video is a comprehensive app designed to facilitate telemedicine management for doctors and patients. Through this app, medical professionals can easily connect with their patients through video calls. They can send a text message from a no-reply number


What is the definition and process of Dialogue? Dialogue offers accessible healthcare services for Canadian companies through mobile and online platforms, focusing on providing progressive and affordable options. Employers who prioritize both mental and physical health by offering leading wellness benefits stand out as attractive choices in competitive job markets.


What is the objective of Coviu and how does it operate? Coviu aims to normalize telehealth for patients and healthcare professionals, including allied health professionals, general practitioners, and specialists, regardless of their location. The use of end-to-end encryption guarantees the security and safety of your data. Coviu has already facilitated

CloudVisit Telemedicine

What is the functionality of CloudVisit Telemedicine and how does it operate? Telemedicine serves as a contemporary alternative to traditional house calls. By utilizing online video appointments, it offers a fast and convenient solution that eliminates the need for patients to travel to a doctor's office and removes waiting rooms

Chiron Health

What is the functionality and operation of Chiron Health? Chiron Health is a cloud software that offers comprehensive assistance for patients and physicians. It includes features such as EHR integrations, billing and reimbursement tools, and eliminates the need for duplicate work. By scheduling appointments in your practice management system, the

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