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What is the concept of EV Self Help and what is its functionality? EV Self Help is a contemporary platform for managing knowledge. It allows you to upload various types of content, such as documents, videos, and images, to provide users with an interactive experience that empowers them to solve issues independently. With EV Self Help, you can distribute knowledge across multiple platforms, including websites, portals, enterprise applications, and messaging platforms. Additionally, you can leverage advanced analytics to gain a deeper understanding of how knowledge is utilized through employee self-service software.

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Help Desk Features, Incident Management, Multi-Channel Communication, Document Storage, Surveys & Feedback, Known Issue Management, Knowledge Base, Self Service Portal, Live Chat, Social Media Integration, Macros (Templated Responses), Customizable Branding, Ticket Management, Contract (SLA Management), Community Forums, Automated Routing, Alerts (Escalation)

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