What is Cloodot and how does it function? Cloodot is a suite for customer experience management that consolidates chats and reviews from multiple online platforms into a single inbox. It allows for the management of chats and reviews from various channels, such as Google My Business listings, Facebook pages, WhatsApp numbers, websites, and more, all in one user-friendly inbox. With Cloodot, teams can collaborate by distributing and assigning channels to one or more users, facilitating seamless handover of chats and reviews between users and departments. Additionally, multiple agents can collaborate and manage media from platforms like WhatsApp and Google Messages, which is not possible with original native apps. This tool is a lifesaver for customer relations agents, as it provides easy and efficient customer management through features like custom template replies, reminders, tags, tasks, notes, and more. Furthermore, Cloodot offers a secure and stress-free solution, enabling customer relations agents to manage chats and reviews on all modern channels without requiring direct access to the original platforms. Lastly, Cloodot provides advanced analytics tools that offer insights into the performance of all your channels and employees, promoting intelligence and accountability.

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Free Trial , Subscription , Quotation Based

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Social Media Metrics, Review Monitoring, Response Management, Customer Review Platform, Gamification, Campaign Management, Sentiment Analysis, Social Media Monitoring

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