What is the functionality of Favro? Favro is a collaborative planning application that allows teams to customize their work structure to suit their specific business needs. It provides a centralized platform for organizing tasks, with multiple groups and boards available in one place. For example, the marketing team can track their daily work, while the development team can streamline their sprints and backlogs. Favro also offers sheets and a database feature, enabling users to add columns, organize hierarchies, and perform calculations to break down large tasks into smaller ones. Real-time collaboration is a key feature, facilitating seamless teamwork in both office and remote environments. Additionally, Favro allows users to create executive dashboards that provide a comprehensive overview of the team’s roadmap. It can replace tools like Google Docs or Word documents, as users can schedule marketing campaigns, write stories, and execute plans directly within the app. Favro also integrates with various other tools, such as Google Drive, Zapier, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and Google Calendar.

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Project Management Features, Timeline View, Project Templates, Idea Management, Kanban Board, Recurring Task Management, Time & Expense Tracking, Task Management, Status Tracking, Resource Management, Requirement Management, Project Planning, Portfolio Management, Percent-Complete Tracking, Milestone Tracking, IT Project Management, Issue Management, Budget Management, Collaboration Features, Synchronous Editing, Group Calendars, Discussion Boards, Cooperative Writing, Chat (Messaging), Brainstorming, Content Management, Task Management, Project Management, Contact Management, Document Management, Version Control, Audio Video Conferencing

Technical Details

  • Support24/7 (Live rep) Online
  • Customer TypeFreelancers Large Enterprises Medium Business Small Business
  • API
  • Location / Phone NumberUppsala
  • Sweden
  • DeploymentSaaS/Web/Cloud Mobile - Android Mobile - iOS Installed - Windows Installed - Mac
  • Official Website https://www.favro.com/
  • CategoryProject Management Software Collaboration Software


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