What is Angstrom and how does it function? Angstrom is a platform that enables users to effectively manage their life goals, milestones, projects, and tasks. It provides a visual depiction of the connections between these elements. The hierarchy consists of “Life Goals” at the highest level, followed by milestones connected to life goals, projects connected to milestones, and tasks falling under projects. This allows users to understand the importance of their immediate tasks in the broader context of their overall goals. Time logging is also available for each task, with time being aggregated up the hierarchy to contribute to parent projects, milestones, and life goals. This feature provides valuable insights into how users allocate their time and whether they are making progress towards their desired objectives. Additionally, Angstrom is divided into three sections – plan, work, and analyze. It offers various charts to display task-related data, work time, and other statistics. The user interface is sleek and comes in two different styles.

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Project Management Features, Time & Expense Tracking, Task Management, Status Tracking, Project Planning, Percent-Complete Tracking, Milestone Tracking, Issue Management, Timeline View, Project Templates, Idea Management, Kanban Board, Recurring Task Management, Resource Management, Requirement Management, Portfolio Management, IT Project Management, Budget Management

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