What is DoThatTask and how does it function? DoThatTask is a platform for delegating tasks that allows users to delegate WordPress support directly from the Site Admin. It enables users to integrate WordPress once on their site and manage all website tasks thereafter. Users can provide task explanations with the help of screenshots and images to increase clarity. The platform includes an integrated Task Dashboard that efficiently manages tasks by prioritizing, assigning, and tracking their statuses. DoThatTask also matches individual tasks with a large pool of professional WordPress experts who provide relevant solutions. The platform offers accurate task estimation services with a fixed price that can be paid upon task completion. In addition to providing continuous chat support, DoThatTask assists with task creation processes and work estimation analysis directly from the admin panel. With DoThatTask, communication with WordPress experts regarding specific tasks becomes more seamless. Moreover, the platform automates work and payments, allowing users to control their overall budget. The software prioritizes customers’ ability to assess task quality before approving them.

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Task Management Features, Time Tracking, Task Tracking, Task Scheduling, Task Assigning, Reporting (Analytics), Recurring Task Management, Progress Tracking, Alerts, Collaboration Tools, Percent-Complete Tracking, Gantt Charts, Gamification

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