What is Ayoa and how does it function? Ayoa is a software tool that operates on the cloud and is used for brainstorming tasks such as managing tasks, creating mind maps, and engaging in instant messaging. The Collaborative Whiteboard feature allows users to visually organize their ideas, manage tasks, and have a comprehensive view of their work all in one place. Users can also present their ideas using pie-charts and adjust the segment sizes based on their importance. With the Public Mind Map sharing feature, users can collaborate with multiple people in real-time by sharing their mind maps during meetings. The Gantt timeline view feature can be utilized to create Gantt-style charts for efficient time management. By consolidating all work and tasks on a single platform, Ayoa helps users save time by eliminating the need to switch between multiple apps. The Ayoa chat function enables users to communicate with colleagues, view their availability status, and even assign tasks to them. Ayoa seamlessly integrates with Google, Evernote, and Dropbox, enhancing user efficiency and streamlining workflow. Additional features include progress updates and robust security measures.

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Task Management Features, Time Tracking, Task Tracking, Task Scheduling, Task Assigning, Reporting (Analytics), Recurring Task Management, Progress Tracking, Gantt Charts, Gamification, Alerts, Collaboration Tools, Percent-Complete Tracking

Technical Details

  • SupportBusiness Hours Online
  • Customer TypeMedium Business Small Business
  • Location / Phone NumberPenarth
  • Wales
  • DeploymentSaaS/Web/Cloud Mobile - Android Mobile - iOS Installed - Windows Installed - Mac
  • Official Website https://www.ayoa.com/
  • CategoryTask Management Software


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