What is Edward.ai and how does it work? Edward is a tool powered by Artificial Intelligence that helps sales representatives and websites improve their sales performance. It offers complete automation of the sales process for sales teams, leading to a potential growth in field sales effectiveness of up to 24 percent. By using Edward, sales agents can generate more notes after calls and increase the likelihood of securing meetings by 52 percent. The AI ensures that every incoming lead is handled according to a predetermined process and directly delivers the relevant leads to sales representatives on their smartphones. One of the advantages of using Edward is that sales reps no longer need to remember when to follow up with leads, as Edward meticulously keeps track of each lead’s progress and assigns tasks to the reps accordingly. Additionally, Edward seamlessly integrates with communication channels such as telephone, email, and calendar. It also integrates smoothly with CRM systems, effectively acting as a highly efficient employee and improving the utilization of resources.

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  • SupportBusiness Hours Online
  • Customer TypeMedium Business Small Business
  • Location / Phone NumberKrakow
  • Poland
  • DeploymentSaaS/Web/Cloud Mobile - Android
  • Official Website https://edward.ai/
  • CategoryAppointment Scheduling Software


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