What is AiZimov and how does it function? AiZimov serves as a comprehensive personalization platform for sales purposes. By utilizing artificial intelligence, we assist in boosting revenue, accelerating sales, and expanding your sales pipeline. With AiZimov’s technology, Account Executives and Sales Reps can potentially reach four times as many qualified sales leads. The platform takes care of time-consuming tasks like researching targets, customizing communications, and determining the optimal timing for message delivery. Similar to having a personal assistant, AiZimov creates highly personalized messages by utilizing a proprietary algorithm that gathers relevant information from the internet. The platform helps salespeople save time by qualifying leads more efficiently, staying updated with daily news, and following up at the right moment. Additionally, AiZimov protects the brand’s reputation by employing top-notch messaging tailored to each prospect. Feedback and responses are collected to continuously enhance the messaging system.

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Freemium , Subscription

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