What is and how does it operate? is an uncomplicated CDN hosting platform designed for managing your files stored in the cloud. It is known for its simplicity and reliability, ensuring quick and easy access to everything. Additionally, it allows you to easily expand your usage by connecting to your cloud storage, adding your domain name, and deploying your content. offers cloud-to-cloud storage, where files are synced from your cloud storage to the platform’s own cloud. After undergoing comprehensive analysis using Google Analytics, the data is stored and made available through a global delivery network. This includes automatic synchronization and deployment of content changes such as image transformation and video editing, which can greatly enhance market research efforts. With the use of Google Analytics, there is no need to run Javascript, and you can conveniently manage everything from your exclusive cloud server. also enables you to solely utilize your server for sharing and commenting, facilitating collaboration on projects. Users have the ability to independently build their websites and utilize the CDN for efficient project management. Pricing Model

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