What is BackupSheep and how does it work? BackupSheep is a backup software that allows you to easily schedule server snapshots and offsite backups without the need for coding. With BackupSheep, you can set up backups at regular intervals or specific times using crontab syntax. It also offers the ability to create time zone-aware schedules for running backups in different time zones.

Some of the key features of BackupSheep include Multi-Schedule, which allows you to establish multiple backups and set up multiple schedules per node. It also offers Backups on Demand, enabling you to create node backups instantly using the dashboard or API.

To ensure fast and reliable backups, BackupSheep utilizes advanced infrastructure, NVMe storage, and a high throughput network. It also provides support for multiple regions, allowing you to backup your data in compliance with local data privacy laws.

One of the most beneficial features of BackupSheep is its cloud integrations. You can easily automate snapshots of popular cloud servers and block storage, create multiple cloud connectors, and manage everything from a single dashboard. BackupSheep has integrations with various popular service networks such as Amazon Web Services, DigitalOcean, and Hetzner.

With BackupSheep, you can connect as many databases as you need for simple, secure, and cost-effective backups. Your backups will be stored in free BackupSheep storage in North America and Europe, or you can choose to store them in your own storage accounts.

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