What is the functionality of Datagame? Datagame is a cutting-edge gamification tool that assists businesses in understanding customer demands and gathering feedback through the creation of online surveys on various survey platforms. The tool simplifies survey complexities, enhances respondent satisfaction rates, and real-time response rates. It offers a range of services that enable users to construct enjoyable and engaging surveys, providing a research experience for respondents. Datagame also transforms existing surveys into gamified experiences compatible with any survey engine. Companies can create, design, deploy, and manage custom research games tailored to their specific requirements. The tool includes in-house video and graphic design capabilities, enabling users to craft captivating and visually appealing surveys. With its integrated design and unique gamification features, Datagame seamlessly enhances businesses’ methodologies and offerings. Users also receive comprehensive research project lifecycle support, from study design and analysis to storytelling.

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Performance Metrics, Rewards Management, Feedback Management, Contest Management, Collaboration Tools

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