What is Cognito and how does it function? Cognito is an Identity and Access Management software that offers an identity verification service. It starts the verification process with just a phone number, making it easier for you to verify your customers. This helps streamline your workflow and reduces the need for troublesome inputs. Cognito aims to minimize manual review and increase the match rate by using the highest quality regulated data available. It gradually collects the necessary customer data for verification, even with minimal information provided, all while maintaining a high level of security and adhering to industry standards and policies. Additionally, it automates compliance processes using modern systems, verifies the age of customers for age-restricted goods and services, and conducts real-time sanction screening for potential customers. Cognito also simplifies the sharing of links and creation of new verification links through its user-friendly dashboard, eliminating the need for coding. Lastly, the data provided by Cognito software is current and reliable.

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