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What is Ek Link and how does it function? Ek Link is a service that redirects links, allowing users to increase their earnings. It is beneficial for individuals in various fields, such as Bloggers, YouTubers, Tech Reviewers, and Brands. This tool enables them to conveniently consolidate all their affiliate links into one place and maximize their revenue from each link. Users can create a single link that serves as a central hub for multiple links. They can then share this link on various channels to drive traffic and generate more income from each affiliate. The starter plan includes tracking for 3 header links and 5 affiliate links, while higher-tier plans offer more tracking options, with the Elite Plan providing tracking for 100 header links and 999 affiliate links.

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  • Customer TypeMedium Business Small Business
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  • DeploymentSaaS/Web/Cloud
  • Official Website https://www.ek.link/
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