What is the function and operation of Cloudify? Cloudify enables users to manage, automate, and control multi-cloud applications. It eliminates the need for a time-consuming and repetitive CI/CD pipeline approach. With Cloudify, each environment is equipped with reusable high-level code, providing users with a template-like approach for running applications. This improves system agility, simplifies enterprise cloud migration, and reduces overall costs. The software facilitates easy integration into edge networking, offering architectural capabilities for managing containers, data sets, and updates across physical servers or clouds. Its centralized control system ensures scalability and avoids latency issues, delivering efficient edge computing solutions. Additionally, Cloudify helps manage application operating costs through closed-loop automation. Its cost-effective and intuitive nature allows executives to create automated maps and workflows aligned with their objectives. These maps can be utilized to monitor and control the application and network service life cycle, automating the entire process for continuous transformations.

Cloudify Pricing Model

Free Trial , Freemium , Subscription , Quotation Based

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Budget Tracking (Job Costing), Collaboration Tools, Dashboard, Contract (SLA Management), Version Control

Technical Details

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  • API
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  • Israel / +972(0)76-531-0222
  • DeploymentSaaS/Web/Cloud
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  • CategoryCloud Management Platform


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David Bond

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