What is and how does it work?, now known as Kion, is a cloud management platform that helps you manage, protect, and expand your cloud. It aims to bridge the gap between cloud management and governance by providing the necessary components for comprehensive cloud control. With Kion, you can effectively handle expenses, access real-time and projected data, identify cost-saving opportunities, and adhere to budgets. It also enables you to address and resolve issues in order to comply with industry standards and corporate regulations. Kion empowers you to innovate in the cloud by providing control, context, and actionable insights. It automates the cloud lifecycle and offers transparency and visibility to users, making it easy to create and implement budgets, track spending, and find ways to reduce costs. Engineers can benefit from Kion by gaining native cloud access, understanding regulatory requirements, having cost visibility for optimizing resources, and enjoying a user-friendly experience for making informed decisions and completing tasks. Additionally, Kion provides a comprehensive solution for addressing compliance issues by offering resolution, prevention, reporting, and detection capabilities. Pricing Model

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Budget Tracking (Job Costing), Collaboration Tools, Dashboard, Contract (SLA Management), Version Control

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David Bond

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