What is AlisQI and how does it work? AlisQi is a platform designed for quality management, offering automation and integration of quality control activities, including excel and manual labor, to save time and money. It simplifies the collection of quality data by providing a single Quality Control (QC) system. Utilizing the platform’s Statistical Process Control (SPC) analytics, users can gain insights from their own data. AlisQi enhances document management for quality procedures with clear flow charts and automatic version control, making it easier to stay organized and vigilant. Users have the flexibility to define their own workflows and forms, allowing the system to guide their team. The platform enables centralized analysis, collection, and reporting of all quality data. Users can generate and send analysis and compliance certifications via email, while also attaching images and files to their messages. AlisQi provides a toolkit for Statistical Process Control (SPC), as well as customizable dashboards and reports. It also offers an editor for workflows, allowing users to create and modify forms. KPIs and statistics are available through the AlisQi quality control platform.

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Warehouse Management, Supply Chain Management, Stock Management, HR Management, Financial Management, CRM, Dashboard, Project Management, Purchasing, Asset Management

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