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Cortex Intelligent Automation is a software designed to automate tasks and processes in large-scale enterprises. It helps improve productivity, operational flexibility, and return on investment. The software combines sensing, analyzing, decision-making, and action-taking capabilities into one platform, which operates continuously and applies results in real-time. With Cortex Intelligent Automation, organizations can modify their operations through collaboration between humans and machines. It allows for easy installation, expansion, and management of autonomous environments. The software offers a scalable and flexible solution to initiate, speed up, and complement your intelligent automation journey. It integrates complex event management, machine intelligence, and coordinated process automation into a single platform. Cortex Intelligent Automation Software brings together the key elements of Intelligent Automation, going beyond the hype of Desktop Automation, simple automation capabilities, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), or a fleet of Software Bots. Cortex combines automation and intelligent software to seamlessly integrate with your existing technology. The Platform includes features such as integrated device interrogation, remediation, situation analysis, escalation, and response, as well as autonomous, highly scalable active and passive event monitoring. Cortex can be installed on-premise or in the cloud, depending on your specific requirements.

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