What is Genoo and what is its functionality? Genoo is designed for SMB marketers, drawing from experience with various organizations. It utilizes a WP plugin to enhance your WordPress site in ways that need to be witnessed to be believed. You can create persuasive calls-to-action and use them at any time and in any place. Additionally, you can capture visitors on any page or post of your website. Genoo also allows you to create simple surveys or comprehensive assessments within the platform itself. The answers provided are stored in your lead record. Furthermore, you can enhance lead profiles by incorporating information from their social media accounts. You can also identify who shares your content and observe the impact of their sharing.

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Website Visitor Tracking, Lead Nurturing, Lead Management, Landing Pages, Email Drip Campaigns, Campaign Segmentation, Analytics (ROI Tracking), Lead Scoring, Channel Management, Multivariate Testing

Technical Details

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  • Customer TypeLarge Enterprises Medium Business Small Business
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  • Location / Phone NumberGolden Valley
  • Minnesota / +1 763-383-6081
  • DeploymentSaaS/Web/Cloud
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  • CategoryMarketing Automation Software


David Bond

David Bond

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David is a well-known advocate for the implementation of cloud-based solutions and automation tools for small businesses. He strongly believes that this technology solutions for small businesses and startups are the thing that provide true edge on the market. He writes primarily about project management and sales software.