What is EverWebinar and how does it function? EverWebinar is a platform that allows individuals to deliver webinar presentations remotely, without being physically present. By utilizing this platform, users can automate their efforts and make the most of their time. EverWebinar offers high-definition video and audio broadcasting at 30FPS, making it suitable for broadcasting pre-recorded webcam videos, sharing screens, or presenting PowerPoint slides. The platform’s scheduling system allows users to select specific dates or times in the calendar, or they can set up recurring schedules with flexible days and times that work for their audience. EverWebinar also ensures that attendees can join webinars on time without any delays. The platform provides a replay feature, allowing people to catch up with missed content. Additionally, if a user also utilizes WebinarJam, they can import a previous live webinar and convert it into an evergreen event with just one click. EverWebinar also enables users to integrate automated presentations with live chat and Q&A sessions. Other notable features include a live chat simulator, polls and surveys, and easy split testing.

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  • Support24/7 (Live rep) Online
  • Customer TypeLarge Enterprises Medium Business Small Business
  • API
  • Location / Phone NumberLa Jolla
  • California / +1 (872) 777-2727
  • DeploymentSaaS/Web/Cloud
  • Official Website https://home.everwebinar.com/index
  • CategoryWebinar Software


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