What is EasyWebinar and how does it function? EasyWebinar is a webinar software designed for businesses to effectively organize online meetings, remote conferences, training, and marketing. It is commonly utilized by experts, authors, consultants, and service providers, but it can also be used in education and non-profit sectors. EasyWebinar serves as a video marketing software that can act as the foundation of your business by generating customers through interactive training. This platform stands out as it combines webinar technology with marketing strategy, offering a range of robust features for marketing purposes. For example, the software can automatically input the contact information of webinar sign-ups into your email marketing campaign. Additionally, users have the option to stream live webinars or pre-recorded ones. Notably, EasyWebinar allows up to four moderators in a webinar, and participants can be chosen as moderators by simply following a provided link to join as a moderator in the live room.

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