What is Dscout and how does it work? Dscout is a platform for user research that provides a range of flexible research tools for companies that rely on human intuition. It helps uncover context-rich data that reveals insights about your users and engages your stakeholders. With Dscout, you can enhance your insights by utilizing picture and video data. It allows for rapid recruitment, remote fielding, swift analysis, and efficient high-quality research completion. It enables anyone in your organization to conduct user research and interact with it. Dscout’s multimedia screener surveys and user-friendly interface make it easy to find ideal candidates in a matter of days. It supports unmoderated studies that can contextualize various research approaches and outputs. By capturing longitudinal data from users’ mobile devices or desktop browsers, Dscout delivers insights that make you feel like you were there. It offers features like automatic transcription, live notations, observer invitations, stim embedding, screen sharing, and more. Additionally, Dscout provides automatic participant selection and quality checks, allowing you to collect multimedia feedback at a high rate and on a large scale.

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