What is the function of and how does it operate? is a tool that offers a scientific approach to attracting and acquiring customers in the B2B sector. It serves as a lead generation and sales acceleration solution, allowing users to automate their customer acquisition process through data-driven experiments that minimize the likelihood of failure. Users can sign up on the platform and, after analyzing data from the onboarding process, the software will determine their ideal customer profile. The platform then provides users with recommended messaging and data on key decision-makers for their initial campaign. allows users to fully automate their B2B lead generation campaign while maintaining full control over their accounts, giving them the ability to decide the level of engagement on the platform. Once the campaign begins, users will start receiving leads and ad conversions.’s AI-powered engine utilizes algorithmic attribution models to continuously enhance lead quality and conversion rates. Additionally, the platform enables users to monitor campaign progress across all channels through their dashboard and make real-time adjustments to campaign parameters. Pricing Model

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