What is Autohost and how does it function? Autohost is a security solution designed for hospitality providers. It scans, inspects, and evaluates reservations to identify potential risks. This tool analyzes reservation changes and notifies the manager and operations team about necessary actions to mitigate risks, prevent fraud, crime, and potential harm to the business. The tool’s built-in algorithm thoroughly scans each reservation, even if changes are made. Every reservation is assigned a color-coded classification and a simple description, which contributes to the creation of a risk score. Based on the risk score, the tool offers actionable recommendations, instilling users with confidence in their decision-making. When a booking is made, the guest receives a link confirming their reservation and requesting additional information based on their risk level. The tool collects and analyzes parameters such as Criminal Record Check, Public Safety Check, Fraud Scan, and Global Sanctions to verify identity. Autohost flags various scenarios, including credit card fraud, rental fraud, ID fraud, third-party bookings, compromised accounts, local guests, escort, and criminal activity. It is especially beneficial for industries such as boutique hotels, hotel chains, PMS & channel managers, vacation rentals, and similar businesses.

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