What is Autofleet and how does it function? Autofleet is a leading platform for vehicle-as-a-service for fleets that offers a flexible supply of cars to meet any demand. It allows businesses to create and implement an effective electrification strategy, resulting in benefits within a short period of time. Autofleet provides a comprehensive solution for starting an on-demand business, while optimizing the entire fleet and eliminating the need for driver decision-making. By integrating various demand sources, Autofleet ensures a consistent passenger experience and enhances both traditional and innovative mobility services. It maximizes utilization and revenue through optimized rebalancing and automates vehicle maintenance to minimize downtime. With Autofleet, users have full visibility and control over fleet activities. It also allows for A/B testing of fleet and infrastructure setups, as well as simulation of fleet innovation to accelerate business growth. In addition, Autofleet enables accurate prediction of 21 key performance indicators within a few days. The platform also includes features such as demand forecasting, automatic fleet allocation and de-allocation, route pooling, and dynamic pricing through its robust optimization engine.

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