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What is ATOM Mobility and how does it work? ATOM Mobility is a software development platform that enables entrepreneurs to create their own vehicle-sharing software. It provides a robust dashboard for managing customers, vehicles, and tracking business statistics. ATOM Mobility supports integrations with various leading vehicles, such as kick scooters, mopeds, bikes, and cars, allowing multiple vehicle types to be incorporated into a single mobility-sharing software. The platform is flexible, allowing for the inclusion of 10 to 10,000 vehicles operating in one to ten countries, and the creation of software in one to 50 languages. With over 30 customizable parameters, entrepreneurs can tailor their software to suit the needs of their target customers. Real-time vehicle tracking, analytics, and insights on rider patterns, weather forecasts, vehicle movement history, and vehicle health are also provided to help businesses meet customer demand effectively.

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  • Customer TypeLarge Enterprises Medium Business Small Business
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  • Latvia
  • DeploymentSaaS/Web/Cloud Mobile - Android Mobile - iOS
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