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What is Apache CloudStack and how does it function? Apache CloudStack is an open-source software used for cloud computing. It helps businesses deploy and manage extensive networks of virtual machines, serving as a scalable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing solution. Currently, it is compatible with popular hypervisors such as KVM, Hyper-V, XenServer/XCP, and VMware ESXi with vSphere, allowing for seamless integration. The software also offers a user-friendly interface for easy monitoring of cloud space. Additionally, Apache CloudStack’s native API is compatible with Amazon S3/EC2 object storage service, enabling efficient management of storage, including hypervisors for primary storage and elements like snapshots, templates, and ISO images for secondary storage. Furthermore, Apache CloudStack enables users to orchestrate network services, from the data link layer (L2) to the application layer (L7), such as NAT, DHCP, VPN, and firewall. It also provides multi-tenancy and account separation capabilities for businesses.

Apache CloudStack Pricing Model

Freemium , Open-source

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Budget Tracking (Job Costing), Collaboration Tools, Dashboard, Contract (SLA Management), Version Control

Technical Details

  • SupportOnline
  • Customer TypeLarge Enterprises Medium Business Small Business
  • API
  • Location / Phone NumberGermany
  • DeploymentSaaS/Web/Cloud
  • Official Website https://cloudstack.apache.org/
  • CategoryCloud Management Platform


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